Video Anlytics for Retailer/BPO/Traffic

Retail stores require a large amount of data for better business growth and insights. In short, retail video analytics helps extract meaningful information to improve operational efficiency and enhance business intelligence. Some of the benefits in retail sector includes identifying hot and cold zones, analysing customer behaviour while they were shopping or searching for some items in the store, predicting busiest hours in the whole day, customers wait time and object counting.

Such applications are stupendous. In the same way in BPO or call centre, this analytics helps to analyse staff behaviour, customer heat map journey as well as demographic ratio.


Visual Authentication System

By 2022, computer vision and hardware market is expected to reach $48.6 billions. Computer vision plays an important role in facial recognition applications, enabling to match the people faces to their identity. If one look at its use case it is analogy to knocking socks off.

Authentication system developed by computer vision enables law enforcement agencies to identify criminals from the video. It can be used to authenticate employees while entering the company and restricting others. It enables safe banking.

To know more use case of such hot burning technology, I urge readers to click on this link. So in short, authentication system procure better security and enhances safety.


Efficient Energy Consuption System

Todays is the time when IoT as well as computer vision works hand to hand. Best use of energy is very important because if we are not using it wisely, our future generations will be deprived of it.

If you are working in some working areas such as government offices, information sector or any company, you might have noticed that sometimes lights are not put off while employees are leaving from the office. Computer vision has better solutions to deal with this. It will analyze the presence of person in the concerned areas and will send an alarm to switch off lights, fans or ac if presence is not detected.

Such signals are passed to the Iot devices and appropriate action will take place. In this regard, energy will be more optimized.


Health Care Solutions

Computer vision is the new doctor for the health care sector. Even though technologies such as AI and computer vision are called as black box technologies but their impact is huge in shaping the humanity especially in health care sector. It is used to analyse and examine the x rays, MRI of the patients to predict diseases.

Today it can even help in detecting dangerous diseases such as cancer. Health status of the patients can be monitored using this nascent technology which will keep on growing when more data is fed to them.